about J.A.F.A.R.

J.A.F.A.R., The Skills Manager Pro™ is an individual skills management software which is developed to accompany an online course “How to Get Skilled: Introduction to Individual Skills Management” offered by OPEN SUNY® on Coursera® learning platform. The software uses the J.A.F.A.R. Individual Skills Management Model. The Model provides a comprehensive framework for increasing one’s effectiveness of career development by learning how to analyze, organize, develop, monitor, and present their work-related skills in a highly competitive job market environment. The acronym J.A.F.A.R is derived from letters in the main steps of the Model (Job Analysis, Full mastery, Assessment, and skillset Review).


These individual skills managements tools are designed for working professionals who want to link their skill-building activities with creating powerful, evidence-based and data-driven job applications. When you complete our course on Coursera®, you will learn how to use experiential methods and techniques, such as job analysis, benchmarking, skills assessment, competency dashboards, skillset summary checklists, and total skillset scores, to quantify your skills and objectively measure your level of skills acquisition against the requirements and the likely competition. It will tell you how much of each skill you will need to beat the competition. It will also help you monitor the levels of skill acquisition to guide your professional development.